The Digital Media Cloud

Welcome to the PKZ Media Digital Media Cloud!

What is the PKZ Media Digital Media Cloud? It is a repository of all things design. It is a quick start to your own media agency with everything you need to succeed in digital, printed and video media. We’ve added 25 years of experience and materials produced by professionals, so you can have start to your own digital media business with a BANG!

Here’s some of the things you will find on the cloud:

– Digital templates for websites, business cards, flyers, everything you need to start working today!
– Video and written tutorials on how create websites, printed materials, videos, etc.
– Vintage advertising collection to inspire you and your team
– Access to all the resources we use within our own company: suppliers, etc
– Hundreds of custom photoshop presets to use
– Hundreds of true type and open font fonts for windows and mac users
– Thousands of license-free media files you can use on your own projects
– Thousands of open source photoshop PSD files
– Hundreds of ready-to-use business card and flyer templates
– A a lot MORE!

How Do I Get Access to All This Stuff

It’s very simple. We’ve setup a lifetime subscription that’s easy to understand. We’ve split our content into 3 large tiers: 8TB, 12TB and 16TB.

8TB – You’ll get all templates and themes, and you’ll also get our base tutorials, that will show you the first steps into this business. This is great material that will help you start producing for your clients in minutes!

12TB – You’ll get all of the above, plus a collection of Vintage commercials and advertisements you can use as inspirational for your own work!

16TB – You’ll get the full package: All of the above, plus our advanced tutorials, with insider tricks to produce your better work and quickly, so you’ll amaze your clients, as well as a list of industry contacts and suppliers, so you’ll know where we get our stuff from!

Cloud contents are updated on a constantly basis, so with our lifetime subscriptions, you always have access to all the latest stuff we are working on and to the latest trends! Just mark the notification icon on your account, and you’ll be notified every time something new is uploaded!

Now, don’t want to waste your time downloading all this stuff? Request an External Hard Drive and we will send you all this stuff! No more downloads needed!

I’m sold! I Want Access Now! What do I do?

Look for the link on the bottom of the page to subscribe to our cloud service, but first, take a look at our terms of service below:

When setting up your account, you’ll be sent a digital invoice to make your payment and receive your access code to the cloud server. Access to cloud is provided up to 24 hours after the payment of our digital invoice.

Contents of the cloud can be updated any time. We reserve the right to add and remove files as needed from our repository, so if you like something, download it.

The Hard Drive Option – If, at anytime during its subscription, customer wants to receive the content of the cloud in a hard drive, he can do so. At that time, we will prepare an external drive by the same size of the cloud access he purchased (8tb, 12tb or 16tb), with the current content for each of the packages, and it will be shipped. 

When the customer’s drive is shipped, lifetime access to the digital version of the cloud, and access to all its future updates is ceased, and the customer get to keep the drive with the current content only, and will not have further access to future cloud updates.

Please note that the shipment of a physical version of the cloud via an external hard drive is conditioned to the availability of said drives on the market. Shortages on the product haven been an issue since December 2020, and it might be an continuing issue throughout 2021 and 2022 so please allow up to 6 months for the shipment of a drive. In the meantime you still get to access the cloud and download any files you want normally, until you receive the requested hard drive.

By signing up to our cloud service you also agree to not share your access to anyone outside your digital agency. if We detect any abuse from your access to the cloud, as well as conflicting IP addresses, access to your account will be restricted.

Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel your purchase anytime before you setup your password and access the cloud for the first time.

After your first access, your lifetime subscription is in full effect and cannot be cancelled anymore.

Upgrading My Account

You can, at anytime upgrade your cloud access, from 8tb to 12tb or 16tb, and from 12tb to 16tb. Please contact us at so we can arrange your upgrade and send you an invoice for the upgrade to be paid.

Copyrighted Material

You will not find any copyrighted material in the cloud. Other than examples of past advertisements and commercials, any templates, pictures, videos included on the cloud is either produced by us, one of our partners or is available as open-source or free on the internet. If you are looking for a cache of pirated stuff, please look elsewhere.

Getting in to the cloud

Do you agree with our terms of service? Click on the button below to request access to the Cloud! By clicking on this button, you agree with our terms of service above.

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