Why Choose Us?

PKZ Media offers an unbeatable customer service, that you don’t see anywhere else, here are the main reasons people choose us:

Personalized Customer Service

Very few companies will allow you to meet with the actual designers that will be working on your project. Here we make you part of the process and we strive to help solve any issues that may arise along the way. If you are in South Florida, our professionals will even come to your home or office to discuss details of your projects.

20 Years of Experience

We have been developing websites pretty much since the World Wide web inception in 1995. With such a vast experience on this market, we are safe to say that we have seen everything, and we are able to do pretty much anything, so we are more than ready to help you along the way, helping you avoid the many bumps that the path will present you.

Affordable Pricing

Many companies that offer the same quality that we do, will try to get an arm and a leg out of you. We will not do that. All our projects are priced according to your budget and market values. We will never overprice your project, and will never downgrade your final product regardless how low you’ve paid. All projects are important to us. We will even stimulate our prospective customers to get other estimates for their projects, and compare to ours, so they can see for themselves all the advantages we have for them.

Use of The Latest Technologies

We are always on the cutting edge of web design. Our team of experts is always researching new ways of doing web development, and we will always use the latest in Web technology on your site. Many companies will use older but easier to use technology to create fast and cheap websites, so you must be careful when picking who’s going to create your online presence.


The typical web design company or agency will try at all costs hinder you and make you work with them only, by locking up your hosting or domain, or even creating websites that only they can update and maintain for you. Sometimes even when it seems that they’ve give you all the keys to access your site, there will always be content locked away that can’t be changed without their help. At PKZ Design we value freedom, and we want out customers to be able to maintain their own sites, or hire whoever they feel like to do so, that’s why we use Open-Source CMS platforms to create websites for our clients, and we don’t lock anything away from them. This is Freedom to manage your business the way you want, and take your website with you, and that’s what we stand for.

Are you convinced? Call us today at 954.708.8389, or use the contact form on this page to get in touch with us, and we will clarify all your remaining questions and present you with an estimate for your new website, printed material or online marketing campaign.