Why Having a Blog is Essential to Your Online Store?

Many online store owners underestimate the power of a blog for your online strategies, many because blog sometimes may be perceived as an informal, almost unprofessional thing, done by teenagers or people without a job with too many time on their hands. What store ownlers don’t realize is that a professionally designed blog will actually add to your brand and may increase dramatically your sales. Please read the 9 reasons we’ve enlisted below on why having a blog is essential to your online store.

1. The great majority of search engines are addicted to blogs. Blog content is usually extremely relevant within their areas. A gamer blog will have plenty of gaming-related keywords and phrases. The same goes for an online store. If you sell motorcycle parts, and you have a blog with articles on new parts being released, and coverage of the motorsport in your area, you become instantly relevant to Google and other search engines. Google in particular loves searching through blogs, specially blogs made with WordPress, the number one blogging tool available today.

2. It’s fairly easy to update the contents of a Blog. Unlike some content driven websites, a blog uses a structure that is fairly easy to be updated, that is both linear (over time) and diffused (when looking at the many categories you can have), making it the perfect tool to generate content for your site.

3. It allows you to create internal links. Internal links are extremely important for your search engine rankings. If you are selling Glasses for instance, and you have new designer models coming up, you can talk about them showing some pictures in a blog posting, and link the information to the product pages of your store.

4. It’s a never ending source of information for your customer. Blogs function pretty well as a affordable “knowledge-base” of everything you do. It’s a place where he can see comparisons, industry news, trends, opinions and a lot more. Once posted, the article will remain forever online, or for as long as your site exists or you want.Being there for long, make your post a good source of online knowledge, and if someone search for what you are talking about on your blog, you have higher chances of being found.

5. It manages to reach your target public without much effort. Thanks to key phrases or words in the text, the information will be transferred on to the search engines and attract the desired people.

6. Improves the communication between you and your clients. Many companies make the mistake of being too distant with their clients. A blog is the perfect way to attain a more direct relationship with the client, thanks to company party posts, community services, new products, accomplished goals and many other things that show another side of the company.

7. Add value to your brand. Being a source of knowledge and information not only improves the search rankings and the communication between you and your customers, but also works as a powerful tool to add value to whatever you do, increasing your brand perception. There is no better way to soar over your competitors than sharing your knowledge, experience and passion with the audience.

8. Go social and share content. It’s important to get yourself known and climb up the search engine’s ranking. Be it on Twitter, Facebook or on StumbleUpon, or any social network, sharing makes your online store better known. If installed properly, the social media tools in a Blog can help share your content on social media sites, spreading even further your brand.

9. Blog is the tool that will allow you to outshine your rivals. A blog cannot be used as a substitute for an online store webpage. The updating of your webpage will also position you higher on the rankings. But still, a blog offers many added benefits. As your blog increases, you’ll have a lot of keyword content and in consequence, an increase in traffic.

The blogs with the most visits can easily get a place amongst the RSS. E-commerce webpages can’t enlist in these directories because they are exclusively for blogs. They also allow you to use long keywords such as “Phillips recorder SGT678 7 hours battery life USB” that wouldn’t be accepted in a normal webpage. But you can upload a post containing key words that link the consumer to the webpage. As your blog increases, you’ll have a lot of keyword content and in consequence, an increase in traffic. As your blog content will have been written when you were more relaxed, it’ll sound more natural.

The great majority of blogs contain plug-ins that allow visitors to take part in polls. If you have an interest in knowing their opinion about something, it’s a good way to get the general perspective. You’ll probably consider introducing new elements of your business life to your blog.

If your business sells tech products, you should insert technological specifications, the date is was made or tips on how to use the products. It will make you stand out from the rest of online stores.

Want to have a blog professionally made and installed on your online store? Get in touch with us and we will present you with an estimate on how much it would cost to have one laid out and installed for you.

Would you prefer a blog to a webpage?