About Us

PKZ Media is a Web Development firm founded by Alex Pikelhaizen, focused not only on Web Design, but also in Graphic Design, Video Production, Content Production and Online Marketing.

We aim to be your one-stop solution for creating your online business identity, from designing your logo going through creating your website and finally advertising it to the masses via strong pay-per-click campaigns, or SEO!

About Alex Pikelhaizen

Since the 90’s, Alex Pikelhaizen has being involved into web development. It all began back in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1996, when local BBSs (remember them?), started to offer Internet access via Dial-up connections. Alex signed up and, on the his first night online surfing through the web, he learned and developed 5 “new” HTML websites from scratch, using Window’s Notepad as the only tool.

That opened a slew of possibilities and Alex quickly associated himself to his Friends Cristiano Seixas and Leonardo Pereira both partners at a local design studio. It was formed “Sol Netmedia”, to develop websites professionally for Brazilian companies.

Later on, each partner follow its own path. In 1998, while studying at UFMG University, Alex Pikelhaizen wanted to focus on web content, so he joined recently founded Big Jack Studios, owned by his friend and former Sol Netmedia partner, Cristiano Seixas. Once more they were partnering up, this time to create content websites such as News, Sports, Gaming and Comics websites that would draw millions of visitors to their servers on the late 90’s.

In 2000, Alex Pikelhaizen followed a different direction, and quit Big Jack Studios, focusing on developing eCommerce websites for himself, and for selected clients that wanted to sell products, as well as consulting for eBay stores.

In 2006 Alex made the bold move that would change everything, and moved with his wife and children from Brazil to the United States, in order to reach new heights in eCommerce development. When he arrived he saw that, contrary to popular knowledge worldwide, not every single American company he met had a decent website, or any website whatsoever.

Based on South Florida, Alex Pikelhaizen then founded Pikelhaizen Design, inc. and started to develop websites for small companies in the area, but for the first time, there was a good opportunity to also put his Photoshop skills learned at Big Jack Studios to good use, and develop graphic design pieces for these companies: Business Cards, Flyers, Folders, Brochures and everything else that would come to the mind of the clients and was possible for Pikelhaizen Design. All that combined with an online advertising plan on Google, Yahoo and MSN (now Bing), helped many of these companies to achieve great success.

In 2014, 17 Years and about 500 websites later, Alex Pikelhaizen finally moved his business to the next level. Now not only an expert in Web Development, but also in Marketing, Promotions and Content, Alex Pikelhaizen assembled a team specialists, and founded PKZ Media Inc., to provide clients with a number of media and marketing services both online and offline.

PKZ Media’s specialty became the Local SEO, where clients have their websites optimized to show where it matters to them on Google searches, helping many companies achieve great success in markets such as South Florida, New York, New Jersey and Boston. All that, paired with social media consulting and integration, helped clients develop their social media appearance, as well as their content creation in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Feel free to browse our entire website, and don’t forget to read our articles, we have a lot of interesting information posted, including best practices for websites, and other important tips and tricks!